Unauthorised firms and individuals

Almost all firms offering financial services in the UK must be authorised and registered by us. Check our list to find out if a firm or individual is unauthorised.

Check the Financial Services Register to ensure firms are authorised. If a firm is not on the FS Register, check our unauthorised firms list below.


You should only deal with financial services firms that have been authorised or registered by us.

If you deal with an unauthorised firm, you will not be covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service or Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) if things go wrong.

Protect yourself

Unfortunately, there are firms that wrongly operate without our authorisation.

If a firm does not appear on the FS Register, but says it does, search for it in the list below and contact our Consumer Helpline on 0800 111 6768.

Beware of fraudsters pretending to be from firms authorised by us, as they could be 'clone firms'. If you're cold-called by a financial services firm, always ring them back on the number given on the FS Register.

Some firms knowingly run scams like share fraud and other investment scams. You should take steps to protect yourself from scams and check our list of warnings from foreign regulators

Using the Warning list

We add firms to this list as soon as possible but it's not exhaustive. Don't assume a firm is legitimately authorised or registered just because it doesn't appear on this list. Firms frequently change their names and it may not have been reported to us yet.

To use the table below, you can:

  • search for an unauthorised firm using the search box
  • filter results by the first letter of the firm
  • click on the 'Name' column to view firms from A to Z

You can also check the most recently added firms. If you are concerned about a scam you can report this to us online.

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Name Date added Date updated
Brees Capital Group LLC (updated) 07/04/2022
KIONFX TRADE (updated) 07/04/2022
EXPERTFXTRADES (updated) 07/04/2022
BEST BANK RATES UK (new) 07/04/2022
BITRUN CRYPTO MINING (updated) 07/04/2022
Westwood Global Management LLC (new) 07/04/2022
FORTUNE FX ACADEMY (new) 06/04/2022
T and C Broking Services (Clone of FCA authorised firm) (new) 06/04/2022
www.luxnordicwm.com (clone of FCA authorised firm) (new) 06/04/2022
Meteor Trade Investment Management Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm) (updated) 06/04/2022
DPI Financial Services (Clone of Authorised Representative) (new) 06/04/2022
Quayside Fund Management / Quayside Business / Quayside Premier (Clone of EEA Authorised firm) (updated) 06/04/2022
OCTAFX INC (updated) 06/04/2022
Societe Generale/ societegenerale.de.com (Clone of EEA Authorised firm details) (new) 06/04/2022
FXAUTOTRADEPRO (updated) 06/04/2022
Keller Investments (clone of FCA Authorised firm) (new) 06/04/2022
FERGOFX (updated) 06/04/2022
FXSMARTCHAINTRADE (updated) 06/04/2022
Fernbrook Capital Partners LLC (updated) 06/04/2022
SW Acquisition (new) 06/04/2022
ETRADEFXLIVE (new) 05/04/2022
CRYPTO VIEW OPTION (new) 05/04/2022
FX SIGNALS PRO (new) 05/04/2022
BETA FX TRADE (updated) 05/04/2022
Precision Financial Services LLC (updated) 05/04/2022

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